Home Buyers Which Way To Go RERA Or Insolvency Code?

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Complaint against builder under RERA or IBC? As the fastest growing economy of the world, India is witnessing heavy development in the form of setting up of new industries, new residential development. Rural population is heavily migrating around the metropolitan cities because of which heavy construction is going around the main cities of India [...]

Why Home Buyers Are Unsecured Creditors Under Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code? -EasyLegalTax

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Indian real estate buyers are witnessing lots of confusion regarding the recovery of their money lying withbuilders, adding more atrocity to situation now the builders don't have money to pay back, the projects are stucked in middle or with no development. Arrival of new RERA law, adding hopes in the life of home buyers for [...]

7 Important Differences Between NCLT and DRT -EasyLegalTax

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Every country in its economic system has the ever going hard challenge of recovery of money resultant to which various debt recovery mechanisms has been setup, like wise in India, in the 1990’s, since the banks were incurring huge losses due to bad debts and ever increasing Non Performing Assets(NPA’s), government felt the need [...]

7 Benefits to home buyers under IBC as financial creditors – EasyLegalTax

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Everywhere in India where new developments are going, real estate investors or home buyers have faced lots of problems of for getting possession of the property or either the refund of their hard earn money ,but unfortunately neither of option has really worked. Past two decades when everyone felt heavy construction around the prominent [...]

Time Limit For Completion of Insolvency Resolution Process -EasyLegalTax

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For understanding the exact conceptread these two definitions:- Defination1:-Insolvency Commencement Date = date of admission of application for initiating Corporate Insolvency Resolution Procedure(CIRP) by the adjudicating authority(NCLT)  u/s 7, 9 or 10, as the case may be. Defination2:- Insolvency Resolution process period = period of 180days from the date of insolvency commencement date. As [...]

No Need To Carry Original Papers While Driving On Road – EasyLegalTax

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While riding on roads, you might have ever faced the difficulty of being stopped by police cops to check papers with you. It was always been considered as notorious practice by the police that they don’t accept the photocopy of the papers with you. Thanks to ministry of road and transport that recently transport [...]

How SME IPO’s Can Be Launched? -EasyLegalTax

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What is SME IPO Process in India? Small and medium enterprise Initial Public Offer (SME IPO) is the process where an unlisted SME company sells its shares to the public for the first time and listed on the stock exchange for trading. A private SME company become a public limited company through IPO Process. [...]

Online Marriage Registration Procedure In Delhi -EasyLegalTax

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A marriage which has already been solemnized can be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. The Hindu Marriage Act is applicable in cases where both husband and wife with a minimum age of 21 and 18 respectively, are Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs or where they have converted into any of these religions. [...]

Top 7 Points:- What`s Really Happening Under RERA – EasyLegalTax

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In India, real-estate sector is highly unorganised, even the status of industry is not been given to this sector. In any developing nation, the real-estate sector is the backbone of its development. Since independence there was no regulatory authority of real estate sector, because of which lots of instances of miscommitments, cheating comes into [...]

What Papers To Check Before Buying Property

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What Papers to check before buying property? Real estate investments are life time investments involving your life earnings, it becomes crucial part to properly check the papers before buying any property. In India revenue departments are complex to understand -let it be different hierarchies of officers or their powers and duties, everything seems tobe [...]