While riding on roads, you might have ever faced the difficulty of being stopped by police cops to check papers with you. It was always been considered as notorious practice by the police that they don’t accept the photocopy of the papers with you. Thanks to ministry of road and transport that recently transport ministry has notified that there is no more need of carrying of physical papers with you.

What is the exact amendment in Motor vehicles act?

In India, transport system is governed by law of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, further the implementation of the said law is affected through CentralMotor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

In the Rule139 of the above-said rules, it was earlier prescribed to carry original documents relating to transport system but now the government vide notification No. RT-11028/1512017-MVL  dated 19th November 2018 has changed this rule and enable the use of digital means of carrying and verification of documents for the convenience of citizens.

Effect of Amendment in Motor Vehicle Act Rules:-

As per the recent changes in law,  now you can carry any transport related papers like insurance, pollution certificate, RC of your vehicle, driving license etc. either in physical form by the way of photocopy or in original or in electronic form by the way of click photos of these papers in your mobile phone.

Further, in case of commercial vehicles, the vehicle driver can carry the fitness and permit in either of form- physical or electronic, indeed it isgreat relief for transport sector which is operated in highly unorganized manner and often becomes the pray of stringent road driving rules and left with paying heavy penalties and frequent checks by the police check posts.

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