Any organisation running as non-profit, it requires funds when it comes to funds the question arises from where it will come? Funds will be contributed by your potential donors. Donor are always there but they must be convinced with strong reasons answering their all why’s for them going ahead funding your NGO.

To present before your donors asking for funds, it needs strong project report which should clearly depicts the need of cause for which you are asking funds. Making project report do not have any set standard format, rather you should think diligently what you want to say and accordingly you should list down say a 10 points in which you will summarize the report.

ALWAYS REMEMBER DONOR CONTRIBUTE FUNDS FOR THE CAUSE NOT NGO- I mean to say that cause for which you are funds should look very appealing to donor.

Few of the questions that must be answered in any report:-

1. What your NGO is all about?- it includes the name of your NGO, members of your NGO and brief intro about them, constitution of your NGO, mission and values of your NGO?
2. What your NGO has contributed to society, if any?
3. Clarity of the cause for which you are asking funds?
4. Why your NGO is inspired by particular cause?
5. Present some statistics, data, news or any other material showing the need of the cause for society?
6. How much funds you are seeking for the cause and what is your strategy for the effective utilization of funds?
7. What’s the basis of your calculation of requirement of funds?
8. While telling about utilization of funds, always try to be very specific about the geographical area or some specific section of people for whom you will use the funds, the implementation of project should seems practical and realistic.
9. What is your deliverables to the society if the funds are given to you for your asked cause?
10. How do you quantify the benefit the society gains as against the applied amount of funds?
11. Try to align the benefits of contributing funds by the donor to him in the way may be fulfilling his corporate objectives or achieving some indirect advantage in terms of visibility or may be fulfilling the social needs of the donor or many other things can be listed if you give more thought?
12. If you have previously done same work, then try to share the testimonials of the work.
13. Conclusion of report.
14. At the end of report you mention any affiliations, rewards, recognitions and licenses, if any, your NGO is having.

Above is just suggestive list of the questions, it may differ with the kind of cause for which you are asking funds.

Incase if you are not confident about preparing the same, you may seek the help of professionals who can guide you, assist you or can also make the whole project report done.

Disclaimer:The article is intended for the awareness and education of the readers, if any of reader is intended to use above in any legal work, it is advisable that before placing their reliance on it they reconfirm it from the legal experts.

ABOUT AUTHOR:- Rajul Jain (CA, MCOM, LLB, MBA, CNPO, CPFA, NCFM) is Chartered Accountant and Legal Consultant, academically he is highly qualified and have gone through various certifications. He extensively speaks and writes on finance, taxation and legal matters. The author can be reached at [email protected]