What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is an organization that monitors and governs the food business. It ensures the food products undergo quality checks thereby curtailing the food adulteration and sale of bad quality products.

Who should get FSSAI License?

Every food business operator (FBO) involved in the manufacturing, processing, storage distribution and sale of food products must compulsorily obtain FSSAI Registration or License. FSSAI Registration is different from FSSAI License in the sense that depending on the size and nature of the business, FBO should obtain the necessary registration or license.

Procedure to apply for FSSAI licence

Depending upon the installed capacity ( in case of manufacturers) and /or turnover (for other kind of business),  you can get your business operations registered or can get Licence under FSSAI.

Steps to register:-

  1. Click on the website GOV.IN
  2. Then click on tab Licencing and Registration
  3. Sign up as a new FBO and login detail shall be created automatically by the system and mailed/sms to FBO.
  4. Once you get registered as an FBO, fill Form A or Form B, pay the fees and you will get the licence in minimum 15 days.

How FSSAI number looks like?

It is a 14-digit number which is printed on all the food packages. It helps to create more accountability on the FBO to maintain the quality of the food products.

Kinds of FSSAI License

There are 3 types of registrations depending upon the size of the business:

How to Track Application Status?

After filling up the form and paying the fees according to the licence you are registering, an application number will be generated which can be saved for tracking purpose. You just have to put this number in ‘Track application status’ column and if there is any discrepancy you can correct it and send it again for getting the registration procedure completed.

Important points to keep in mind before registering for FSSAI

  1. While filling up the form explain the type of business in few sentences so that fssai department have no confusion regarding the type of business you are doing.
  2. After applying for the FSSAI registration or licence, an application number will be generated. Use this application number to check your application status. If there is any mistake it will be reflected on your screen and it should be corrected and sent again for approval.
  3. As per the fssai authority, person applying for registration or Licence is called FBO( Food Business Operators).
  4. FSSAI registration is mandatory for all kinds of FBOs. If a FBO do not get the licence within 60 days he may proceed without license.

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